Hipkin and Co. Solicitors have always provided a dedicated Wills drafting service for clients. These range from simply mirror image Wills for a husband and wife within the Inheritance Tax threshold right through to the most complicated transactions including inheritance tax planning; the exclusion of family members whom the testator does not wish to include and complex Trust planning.

In the cases of unmarried partners, particularly with stepchildren or divorced or separated spouses it is particularly important that their affairs are put in order by way of a properly construed Will so that the right beneficiaries receive their Estate.

The laws of Intestacy (where there is no Will) often provides for the wrong person to receive an interest in the Estate.

Hipkin and Co. Solicitors can guide you through the obtaining of Probate, Administration of the Estate and advise you as to tax implications in the most efficient way.

Hipkin and Co. Solicitors act also in the specialist area of Public Guardianship Office advice on residential care problems or general advice to the elderly, including provision of Trusts for children regarding the elderly clients home; Lasting Powers of Attorney and assistance (when the client is unable to look after their own affairs) and also in the field of contested Probate and Inheritance claims generally in the courts when a person's Will or Estate is contested. Home visits are always available.

We are specialists in Wills and Inheritance disputes. These can be stressful matters and we can guide you through the procedures sensitively but effectively.

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